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Biodegradable Plastics Website Design

Biodegradable Plastics - Maverick Enterprises Website Design

We are excited to announce the launch of a new website design for:

The Wix Website design included a logo design and infographic design for Biodegradable products from Maverick Enterprises. They make compostable, recyclable, biodegradable plastics that break down in landfills and even home composts. Their products include Cutlery like Plastic Spoons and Forks, Plates, Bowls, Bags, Shrink Wrap Films, Envelopes, Coffee bags, Diapers, Plant Pots, and Produce Stickers. Part of the design included created an infographic design to illustrate how the plastic breaks down and how it's different than most "compostable" plastics as it actually does break down and doesn't need a commercial facility or air to do so, it can even break down in landfills. Interesting stuff!

Check them out: