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Wix Designer Tip: Wix Footer Gap

Do you have a gap before your footer in Wix? Here's how to fix it: If you are having trouble with a Wix Section above your footer NOT resizing when you click and drag the height adjusting tool (see below), sometimes the only solution is to create a new section that doesn't have the stuck height bug. Occasionally elements like sections or strips are stubborn or buggy and won't resize so you can't eliminate gaps before your footer, so here is a workaround solution in the video below:

By the way, to tab through elements use Wix Keyboard Shortcut: Command-M on Mac (Control-M on PC). Learn more about why tabbing through elements in Wix can help troubleshoot problems.

Wix Designer Tip: Wix Footer Gap

Sometimes I find I get a white gap just above the footer that I can't get rid of, even by using the zoom out delete space remover tool. Wix support gave me this great info on how it's done, thanks Wix! I wanted to share in case you're looking for this same fix.

This gap apparently occurs on some of the page body designs of templates. If you find that you have the footer gap, to remove the gap, you should select a different preset for the page body design. To remove the gap:

  • Click the page body.

  • Click Change Page Design.

  • Hover over the presets and select a design which removes the gap, or select the No Color option.

  • You can then use the footer's drag handle to drag it upwards and close the gap

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