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Sizing Images in Wix – Consistency, Alignment and Cropping

As a Wix Designer, I design Wix websites for clients and then train them on how to edit their websites going forward, such as adding pages, images, etc. One of the common questions I get is how to resize and make images consistent. In this video I share my quick tips on sizing images in Wix to be the same size as other images, to align them to other objects/images, and how to reset the proportions of a resized image so that it is "reset" to be uncropped and shows the full image.

One common question I get is: Do I need to resize my images for my website? Nope! That's right, unlike the old days of the internet, in Wix you DO NOT need to compress or resize your images for Wix websites - as this will NOT help speed up your Wix website load time. In fact, Wix actually recommends uploading high-res images, as the Wix platform automatically compresses and resizes your images depending on the resolution needs of the viewer. So uploading larger images is best (keeping them under 8MB is ideal, however, I don't recommend that you upload super-high resolution giant images, which are unnecessary for websites anyway!) I often have Wix website design clients ask me how to fix their images as once they dropped them onto their Wix page, here are my quick tips on how to quickly size your images, reset their proportions (to remove the cropping from an image), and how to align them using the Wix Toolbar so that they are aligned vertically or horizontally, and are consistently sized:


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