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Wix Designers love new Wix Features!

Wix Designer - New Features in Wix

As a professional Wix Designer, I'm always amazed and excited about new features Wix releases for their website building platform. Recently they've added some great new features, such as SSL certificates so that all Wix websites have HTTPS secured domains (which is helpful with SEO and security).

Another great new feature is the ability to crop photos in their image boxes in the editor (you can enlarge/shrink and move images to be cropped just the way you desire in the proportions/size of the image box used).

Columns are also a wonderful addition, which allows for stretching layouts that expand and contract with different sized browser windows. The columns allow for full design customization, including adding individual image or videos backgrounds in each column, text boxes, images or buttons so that you can create a flexing layout that responds to the users' browser window size. I LOVE the columns feature!

Shoutout, Wix's email program (like MailChimp or Vertical Response), now allows for animated GIF images, which are great to add animation and fun to your email blasts. GIFs are the way to add movement to your email, since you cannot embed videos in email. ShoutOut also allows for the image crop tool, so you can size and crop images exactly the way you want them, which is crucial for any website designer.

Wix Video Subscriptions: Wix now offers it's own video system, so you can upload your own videos and even charge a subscription so users can pay a monthly subscription to get access to your video channels.

Wix Forum: You can add a forum to your website to help engage users in discussions on your Wix website.

Mobile Editor: You can now control the color, size and alignment of your text on mobile! This is great as you can adjust the color and size of your text and center or align it as desired to look great on mobile.

View more of the Wix Wizards' recent feature additions to the Wix platform here:


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