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How to add a Favicon to a Wix Website

As a Wix Web Designer in Denver, I find that clients often ask how to add a Favicon to their website. What is a favicon? It is an icon associated with your URL that is displayed in a web browser's address bar or next to the website name in a bookmark list.

It's easy to add a Favicon to your Wix website, check out this video and my simple instructions below on where you can setup your Favicon image for your Wix website.

Note: you do need to have a Wix premium hosting plan paid for, and a domain associated with your Wix website in order to add a Fav Icon.

First, login to your Wix account at, then select the Site you want to edit, and click on "Manage Site" or "Site Manager" to get to the Site Manager. Then click on "Domain" in the left, and you'll see the Favicon settings under the domain.

Using a image editor such as Photoshop, make sure to size your Favicon image to be a square size, ideally 32x32 pixels (rather than 16x16, as 32x32 looks better on retina screens). You can use a JPG or a PNG file (PNGs allow for transparency if desired). Wix is great as it creates the .ico file format for you, so a JPG or PNG is all you need. Then simply upload that square image to the Favicon settings and voila! You now have a Favicon on your website. Make sure to clear your browsers cache and reload the page to see the Favicon Note: sometimes the favicon doesn't show up right away, likely due to your browser's history cache, so close all browser windows, clear your Browser's Cache, and then reload your website and you should see your new icon!

Another note: keep your Favicon image simple! It displays very small, so complicated images will be hard to see what they are, use something simple like an icon, a logo, or initials as a favicon so it will be recognizable at the small size.

Blurry Icons on Devices? Important Note: On some high resolution devices, such as iPhones, Androids and Tablets, this favicon may appear blurry. This is because the Wix-generated favicon is not high resolution. To fix blurry icon images on your Wix website, you will need to upload a large 800x800 px sized image and then use SEO meta tags to tell these devices where to find the high resolution version of your favicon. Learn more about high resolution favicons for Wix websites »

See screenshot below to see what a FavIcon looks like:

Wix Designer Tip - adding a favicon

See screenshot below for where to find the Favicon settings in the Wix Editor: This setting is found under Site Manager > Domain > Favicon Image

Wix Designer Tip - adding a favicon


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