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Wix Designer Meetup on YouTube

Wix Designer - Wix Professionals Meetup

I just posted my overview of the first-ever Wix Professional Design Community Online Meetup on YouTube, check it out here »

Brett Haralson (in photo above) hosted the Meetup, and introduced some of Wix's Wizards who shared new features like the Hoverbox (an amazing custom/animated rollover feature), as well as a new Expert Accounts feature that will allow us Wix Web Designers to share concepts with Clients without the Wix branding, and more easily manage our websites, and have access to Priority Support that allows us to create priority tickets that get answered more quickly. Yes, yes... YES!!

Additionally, they announced that they are going to have a Wix Ambassadors program, as well as they are rebuilding the Arena from scratch. So lots of things in the works! Read my overview of the Meetup here:

It also sounds like SSL is on the horizon too! YAY!

Brett Haralson, the host, also started a new Facebook Group called Wix Design Experts – check them out!