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Effectively using Facebook as a Business

As a Denver Website Designer, a lot of my clients ask how they can reach more customers and new customers with Facebook.

Facebook said this year in June 2016 that it is prioritizing family and friends on users' newsfeeds, so you'll find that as a business page, your posts will be viewed by about only 1-2% of your audience–meaning: hardly anyone sees your posts! Even if you have a lot of likes, there's a 98-99% chance that users that have liked your page won't see your posts.

And, if you post something that is considered by Facebook to be promotional, that percentage of your post displaying goes down to nearly 0%. What is a promotional post? These are determined by Facebook, and are typically posts created for the purpose of getting people to buy a product; or posts that promote giveaways, promotions or contests; and finally posts that re-use the same images or content from paid ads.

Placing ads on Facebook are nearly 100% more effective than free posts (of course) or even boosting posts. And, using Facebook Ads will allow you to advertise promotional content such as a contest, a 20% discount, etc, whereas free posts with these elements are almost entirely hidden from users.

So, if you want to be seen on Facebook, buy some Facebook Ads! You don't have to spend a lot, you can spend $1 and if you target it right, it can put your business in front of lots of potential customers.

To be most effective, here are some Facebook Ad tips:

Using Facebook ads can be very effective and will get you in front of new customers as well as your existing audience of users who've liked your page, since just regular posts are not being seen by 98% of Facebook users.

So how do you market your business effectively on Facebook using ads?

1. Find your Audience: Where's the best place to find customers?

Which users do you want to see your message?

You can target the ad audience by Demographics (physical location), Interests, Behaviors, Connections, Lookalikes, and even Custom Audiences. Choose wisely, and narrow that audience down to the customer profile that you know will be interested in your services or products.

Selecting your Audience:

If you narrow down your audience to a very specific audience, your ad can still reach 1,000s of very targeted Facebook users that are most likely to be interested in your services. You can setup audiences by targeting their Behaviors, such as "Gardening" so that you know that they maybe interested in your seed company, for example. See some of the choices in the screenshot below – you create this in the Audiences area of the Ad builder in Facebook.

Example of Facebook Audience Targeting Options

2. Add a Value Offer to the Ad:

Such as a a Top 10-Tips, giveaway, discount, or a how-to video on something related to your business (such as a "How to grow green chile seeds"). You can have users put in their email info to get an email with your video, tips sheet, or other giveaway. Use a discount: 20% off (or more) one item would be a great coupon to offer. This will get people to click on your ad.

Create an ad that stands out – show a person with emotion (happy/sad/in the garden...), use colorful images or text to stand out. Red, yellow orange green are the top performing colors.

Create motion with a person's eyes or the composition of an image – show a closeup image of an appealing person looking towards your offer, people will follow their eyes to your copy!

3. Followup & Landing Pages:

Once you get a user to click to your webs