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Wix Photo Gallery Editing

Here is another Wix Web Designer Tip: Check out this quick video Wix tutorial on how to edit your photo galleries on your Wix website. To edit a gallery, login to your Wix Website Editor, then use the Pages dropdown to navigate to the page with the gallery you want to edit, then click on "Change Images" to access the images in the gallery. Here, you can change the titles, descriptions, order and what images are in your gallery. Like the art in this gallery? Check out my talented friend and artist Lori McPherson's work here »

In the Wix photo gallery menu popup (upon clicking on gallery in editor), you can also change the Layout of your gallery, or determine if your gallery shows titles and/or descriptions, see screenshots below of how the different menus work for photo galleries in Wix:

Click on the Layouts icon to determine Columns, spacing and alignment of your image Title and Description text:

Click on the Settings Icon to setup how you want the images to open, and also if you want the Title and/or Description to display:

Click on "Change Images" to access this "Organize your Gallery Images" settings, where you can add images, add titles and descriptions to images, reorder and delete images:

Click on the paintbrush "Design" icon to open up the Gallery types, you can then choose a completely different style gallery if desired: