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Mobile App for Blogging on Wix

Yay! In mid-2016 Wix added another great new feature–the Wix Mobile App. This new Wix app allows Wix website owners to post blogs from their phone. While the full website editor isn't available (page editing, gallery editing, etc), you can now post to your blog, manage your store orders and products, and manage your contacts from your contact forms, from anywhere using your smartphone.

There are a couple improvements needed to the Wix mobile app – currently, you can't edit any posts created in the desktop editor, you can only post new ones or edit posts that were posted through the app. And, you can't edit anything else on the site as well. But, I anticipate that the Wix Wizards are working on this and we'll see the app improve with time!

Downloading the Wix Mobile App

The Wix Mobile app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Wix Mobile app is currently available for:

  • iPhone: iOS 8.0 and up

  • Android: Jelly Bean 4.1 and up

To download Wix Mobile App to iOS (iPhones / iPads):

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your device.

  2. Type "" in the search field and tap Search.

  3. Select

  4. Tap Get.

  5. Tip: Alternatively, open this link on your iOS mobile device.

To download Wix Mobile App to Android:

  1. Open Google Play on your device.

  2. Type "Wix" in the search field.

  3. Select Wix.

  4. You can also go to this link:

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Below are screenshots from the Wix app from my Motorola Droid phone to give you an idea of what it looks like. It's pretty easy to use, I was able to quickly post to my blog, as well as upload images to my site for later use.

Wix Mobile App for Phones
Wix Mobile App - Example of posting in blog from a Android Phone

Wix App for Phones

Wix Mobile App


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