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Good User Experience on Websites

I came across this post about user experience, and thought it was good to share. To summarize:

8 Things My Mom Taught Me About UX 1. Make your site’s goal clear What is it you do? What do you want the user to do? Buy a product, get an estimate for a service?

2. Define terms Don't use technical terms, acronyms, acrostics, and other shorthands without explaining to the common user.

3. Design for different ways of approaching websites Keep it simple, don't use things like text that appears upon rollover. Make dropdown menus easy to use (if you use them at all).

4. Be careful with copy on the homepage Don't repeat yourself, vary your copy, bold or enlarge important text, tell a story.

5. Moving ads are annoying

6. Link your suggestions If you are talking about a service, link the service name to that page. Use footer menus with yoru full list of pages, they're well-used!

7. Use robust validators on your forms If you use form validators, make sure your form is easy to fill out. For example, don't block phone numbers such as 555.748.7855 vs (555) 748-7855, or dates such as 06/15/2015 vs. 6/15/2015. A good validator will allow both.

8. Tell stories Tell the story of your business.

Read the full article, with lots of great tips on how to streamline your website to make it easy for users to find what they need. The Shopify blog article written by Richard Littauer.