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Using Pinterest to Sell

Pinterest is a great platform to promote your website and products – in fact, it is one of the best platforms for promoting your online store products as people often use Pinterest to research and pin and share products that they like. When you pin one of your products, you have the potential to have people repin it onto their walls, and it can grow out from there. On average, a typical Pin is repinned eleven times... so just imagine how it could help spread the word about your product or service!

Here are some quick tips for creating pins:

Setup your Business Pinterest page:

  1. Setup a Pinterest Business page here:

  2. Name your Business and put in all the information to help describe your business.

  3. Pin original content pertaining to your business:

  • Fun images of you and/or your staff to keep it personal!

  • Inspire - post images that inspire pinnners like inspirational quotes

  • Educate - post infographics and/or pins that educate

Create the perfect Pin:

  1. Make image Tall - 600 pixels wide by 900-2100 pixels tall (taller pins get more real-estate!)

  2. Tease with Text and/or imagery - an intriguing or educational/inspiration image paired with a good sneak peak message to encourage clicks.

  3. Pin often, and share the work by using contributor boards, make sure when they link to your site that you have a good page for them to find what they came there for!

Most popuplar pins:

  • Infographics - compelling information displayed in a visual graphic

  • Checklists - Top 5, 10 Tips, Ideas, etc

  • Teasers - use a teaser image that is intriguing, and use overlayed text such as "How to build the best website" to encourage people to click and learn more. Or "10 tips for fall".

  • Tutorials - something you can show people how to do such as step-by-step tutorials on anything that your customers would be interested in.

  • Videos - you can pin videos directly off of YouTube!

Get inspired:

Find other businesses' pins that get the most pins and be inspired by what they are doing,

Good tools for creating graphics:

  • Adobe Photoshop – the best, but has learning curve and costs $

  • Canva – overlay text over images for free!

  • – create infographics

  • Viraltag & Curalate

  • Screenflow & Camtasia


Promote your Pins: