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Wix Website Designer Tips: 301 Redirects

As a Professional Wix Website Designer, one of the newer features of the Wix platform is the 301 Redirect Manager. This tool is found under Settings > SEO (Google) > Manage 301 Redirects.

For those who have existing websites on other platforms (such as Wordpress), these 301 Redirects are very important if converting over to a new Wix website design from an older website. 301 Redirects tell Google and other search engines how to find the new coordinating pages on the new Wix website. So, if your old website had a Contact page, like, you can set it up to point to the coordinating Contact page on the new Wix website by setting up a 301 Redirect. This will allow Google and other search engines to quickly re-index your website pages and help carry over any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the new Wix website.

There is also another great use of the 301 Redirects in Wix. Since Wix's URLs are sometimes a little complicated, as they use AJAX technology and include a hashtag / exclamation symbol plus some letters after your chosen page URL (example:!clients/cee5). These are not very pretty URLs to use in advertising, or to paste into emails or social media, so you can instead setup a 301 Redirect to the page, something like For example, if you have a promotion and want to add a link directly to the promotion page, you can setup a Wix 301 Redirect like so that you can have a pretty, short URL that can be used in marketing peices and social media.

If you're interested in a new website design in Wix, give Idelle a call at 720.260.3541 and we can discuss your website needs and I can give you an estimate for a custom Wix Website Design. View some of our recent Wix Website Designs here »



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