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Wix Designer Tips

Wix Mobile Layout Editing Tips

As a Denver website designer, I find that Wix is one of the best platforms for easily-customizable mobile layouts. Wix, rather than having a "responsive" layout, allows you full control over the mobile layout. This means you can reorder and/or turn off different desktop design elements to optimize the mobile viewing experience.  You can even choose to turn off the "mobile" view and instead show the desktop, which works well with some layouts.

To view and edit the mobile layout, click on the "Mobile" icon in the upper right of your Wix Editor:
Denver Website Design

In the mobile editor, you can pan through all the elements on a page by using this key-command:

Mac:  Commmand M to pan through elements.

PC:  Control M

This is extremely helpful if you have a lot of elements on the page and can't find them all if they are hidden behind other elements.

Hiding Objects in the Mobile Editor:

You can hide or unhide items in the mobile editor by clicking on the "crossed out eye" icon when you click on any item in the mobile editor. You can also view hidden mobile items by clicking on this same eye icon in the left editor menu.

Missing Objects in Mobile Editor?

Occassionally, I have had trouble with elements disappearing from my Mobile editor in Wix, even though they don't show up as hidden items, and are nowhere to be found if I use the "Command M" to pan through each item in mobile. It's weird.

So, a solution I've found is to:
• go to the desktop editor
• then copy and delete the missing mobile item from the page
• Paste item back on page
• then go back into the mobile editor, the item will reappear

Sometimes that helps me re-find "lost" elements, they will reappear in the mobile editor if I copy, delete and paste them back in the Desktop editor. It's likely a Wix glitch, but this trick will hopefully solve your issue if you are missing a mobile element in the mobile editor.

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