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Wix Designer Tips

Wix Pro Gallery

Why is "Wix Pro Gallery" better? Because it offers full customization, from everything to the layout (choose grid, collage, masonry or others), as well as control over the fonts, rollovers, size and quality of your images.


If you are frustrated with Wix's normal galleries' compression and loss of quality, you can now set it to be 100% quality (although 90 quality is recommended by Wix for faster load times). Check out my quick run-through of this great new gallery tool in my video.

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Wix's list of benefits:


  • Control the JPG quality of your images

  • Set the sharpness

  • Protect your items with built-in image control

  • Images optimized for each mobile device

  • Upload and use videos, photos and even create text boxes in the Wix editor

  • Get more eyes on your photos with easy social sharing

  • Let visitors "love" your photos with a heart button

  • Allow downloads on videos & photos (high res!)

  • Quickly add thousands of photos & videos

  • Pick the perfect layout from 6 different options with full control over rows, width, size, cropping and more!

Find the Wix Pro Gallery under + > Gallery > then scroll down to see Wix Pro Gallery under Related Apps

Denver Website Design

BEST New Wix Feature – July 2016

Yes! This is great News for Wix websites! As a Denver website designer,  I design websites in Wix for many of my clients' websites. One of my clients' favorite features is their easy-to-use photo galleries. While they are easy to use, they were missing a lot of customization features that have now been added under a new gallery tool in Wix called "Wix Pro Gallery."

Below is the example Wix Pro Gallery, with the default images that Wix places in for you when first adding it to your page. 
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