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Filenames in Wix (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc)

I just had a client ask about a problem uploading an Excel file to their Wix site, it was giving them problems when they tried to upload the file through the Wix editor.  I looked at the filename, and it included an ampersand (&) and spaces, so I removed those from the filename, and uploaded it to her website and it worked.


I want to remind people it's important to name your filenames, especially for downloading, to have only letters and dashes – try to avoid spaces, and any other characters like the &%$ or it could hang you up when trying to upload to your Wix website. 


On another similar topic, with PDFs only, Wix renames the filenames to a long non-sensible name like  "35ce93_550439b8778148c5a6cbfb9ddbcc3cf4.pdf" instead of your originally named filename. For example, if you have a PDF for downloading on your site with a filename of "Registration-Form.pdf", when the file is downloaded off of your website, it will be named by Wix's funky filename to be something like: "35ce93_550439b8778148c5a6cbfb9ddbcc3cf4.pdf".  This is not ideal for customer use, as once they download the PDF, unless they rename it they will have a hard time knowing what that file is.


There is a solution! Check out this blog post about Retaining PDF Filenames in Wix »

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