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Wix Web Designer Tips


Editing the Wix Store

I just had a client ask me how to edit how many rows appear in a Collection in her store.  Since Wix handles the shopping cart/store by way of "Collection", this means your products in your store have to be part of a collection. Then, on the store page, you can add a  "Product Gallery" to your site so you can display products in a Collection. 



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This "Product Gallery" box can be adjusted easily via the "Settings".


To do this:


1. Click on the Product Gallery box.


2. Click on "Settings" in the options panel that pops up.


3. In the Product Gallery settings window, you'll find different layout options, along with the ability to increase or decrease the rows and columns in the Product Gallery.


Note: you may want to increase the height of your Product Gallery using the Stretch Handles to enlarge or decrease the size of the box. If you only have 2 items in a "Collection" and you add more rows/columns, it still will only show those 2 items, though it may "squish" them smaller if the "Collection" box isn't enlarged to accomodate any added rows. 

Click on the Settings icon and choose 720p HD for better quality video! 

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