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Wix Clean URLs

New Feature – July 2016

As a Denver website designer,  I design a lot of Wix websites for my clients. Up until now, Wix used somewhat cryptic URLs with hashbang symbols (#!) in the URL that were due to the AJAX technology and linking mechanism on their hosted platform. This was frustrating, you could build SEO 301 redirects to create simpler URLs for sharing, but they would still default to the messy looking URL. 


Wix announced that they are in the process of updating the URL structure of all Wix websites. The new URLs will be much simpler, more memorable and even more SEO friendly – so we now have full control over the URLs of our pages on Wix. For example: 

Old URL:!page-url/123456

New URL:


To update your Wix website URLs, first login in to your dashboard, then visit this link below to update your URLs:

A couple notes from Wix:

  • Any links to your old URLs will still work; they will be redirected to the new ones.

  • Please read the Information about the URL Update before updating Wix URLs.

  • If users create a new site after updating your URLs, the new site will have the old URL structure. You must click the link above again to update your new site URLs.

  • Since the pages will be reported with the new, clean URLs, Google Analytics will treat them as different pages, unrelated to their older URLs.

  • If Wix users have added any links, rules or goals that are based on the hashbang (#!) URLs, they will have to update them to the new URL structure.

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Wix Clean URLs
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