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Wix Web Designer Tips


Adding more than one store in Wix

I often have clients ask how they can add two stores in Wix (for example, one for registration, and one for their products/classes). While you cannot add two stores in Wix, you can setup "Collections" (which are more often referred to as categories in other ecommerce platforms). See instructions and screenshots below:


1. Setup Product & Specify Collection: When setting up your products, make sure to scroll down to see the "Collections" field, and either choose an existing collection, or simply type one in to add a new collection category.


2. Add a Product Gallery to any page: and select the Collection category of choice to display. 


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This screenshow shows where the "Collections" are added and/or selected for each product. 

This screenshot shows how to add a Product Gallery to any page, and then specify a Product "Collection" to display.

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