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2015 Wix Editor Review

Last Updated: October 7, 2015

July 2015: Yesterday I just started working on a new client's Wix website, and noticed immediately that the Wix Editor was different than all other websites I've been working on in Wix. 

The new Editor has some new features that I am going to review and post soon on, however, the biggest change I found so far that was disappointing was the loss of the overall font styles, which were categorized under "Customize Fonts" under the Brush/Design icon. In fact, this Brush/Design toolbar has disappeared completely.


I asked Wix on their forum and they replied that the Customize Fonts feature is no longer available, so we are no longer able to change the fonts universally on Wix sites. I suspect this is a massive overlook by the developing team at Wix, and I hope they program it back into the new 2015 Wix Editor quickly.


I have noticed that the feature is on the Wix wishlist in the forum already, and I voted for it, but we'll see if they make it happen.


UPDATE – Oct 7 2015:

The new 2015 Wix Editor, as of October 2015,  now allows customers on the older editor to choose to switch to the new editor. While it was not previously possible to upgrade an older Wix website to the new 2015 Wix Editor, when I logged in today to my older Wix editor, it popped up a window and asked if I wanted to try the new editor. And voila! Now I'm using it, it appears to be functioning well and my site is unchanged. Yes!


I am testing out other features, such as the video background (see the background on this page), all work well. I am disappointed, however, that it appears my overall text editing options have gone away, so currently, if I want to change text throughout my site, it would be a manual process still. I have high hopes that Wix will add back the overall font change feature soon.


Other than the missing Customize Fonts / Brush / Design tool from the older editor (see screenshots above), the new editor still seems pretty straightforward and easy to use. It appears to have easier layout features. I am going to use my new client's website to test out the features and will post more updates soon.


A couple features I noticed:

  • Page Backgrounds can now incorporate video - however, the catch is that you have to choose from their video selections currently, it doesn't appear you can upload one of your own. They have a great selection of nice subtle videos for backgrounds, but they're available to anyone on the platform, so your site could be using the same video background as hundreds of other sites. Not ideal.

  • Galleries: They have lots of new Gallery options

  • Social Media: The add tool for Social is much more extensive, including Pinterest/ Instagram feeds, Like Facebook tools, Sharing options, and so forth... time will tell how well these can be integrated. For example, I'd like the ability for viewers to "share" photos from the galleries on social media, which doesn't seem to be currently available except for in third-party apps which are not fully customizable.

  • Subscribe Form: Looks like the new tool has more flexibility on customizing than before.

  • Ability to add "My Social Images" to bring in photos from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and Flickr

Here are some screenshots of the new 2015 Wix Editor, I do like all the new gallery options, but they still seem rather limited from customization beyond choosing the shapes.


I'd like to see more font customization options on these, right now they are pretty non-customizable on fonts for image captions and titles.





Overall, I feel that the new 2015 Wix Editor is still a great CMS platform for easy editing and website design, however, there are some flaws including:

1. The 2015 Wix Editor is missing the overall Font Customization options that make universal font changes across all pages possible, a big loss.


2. While video backgrounds are a nice touch, it's a bummer we cannot add our own videos yet to make our sites unique. Wix, please add this feature!!


I anticipate that WIx will make many more improvements to the their new 2015 Wix Editor, so I'll post more updates as soon as I spot them!

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