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New Wix Slideshows

New Feature – July 2016

As a Denver website designer,  I design a lot of websites on the Wix platform for many of my clients. While Wix had nice slideshows to choose from, there was very limited control over the slideshow text style and placement as well as button design and placement. Well, Wix just granted my wish and has added a much more customizable slideshow options that allow us to style and add text or shapes anywhere on the slide,  add buttons custom placed and designed to each slide, and even use the simple Wix animation tools to add a bit of animation to any of the elements (for example, fade in a button to call attention to it). VERY COOL. So the limitations of having to just live with the bottom or side captions for each slide is now eliminated, and we have full control over our slideshows in Wix. Check out an example of the new slideshow below: 




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