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Wix Pro

So you check out Wix after seeing their ad during the Superbowl and you realize that while Wix has lots of templates, no templates are exactly what you're looking for. Or maybe you see some Wix templates that are close to what you want, but you can't figure out how to customize the design exactly to what you're desiring. If you're looking for Wix help, I am a professional Wix Pro Designer, and I have worked in Wix for over 6 years. I've been a website designer for over 15 years, and have worked on lots of various platforms including Wordpress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal and many others. Wix is by far my favorite for clients as it's easy to use, the design can be customized 100% on every page, and it works great on mobile and for SEO (search engine optimization). I think it's a great platform for most businesses as it's super easy to edit, easy to custom design each and every page to your liking, and has lots of great features like ways to easily embed video, photo galleries, setup ecommerce online stores, setup scheduling for appointments, and so much more.

As an expert Wix Designer and SEO Hero, I often work with small businesses and non-profits who would love to have a beautiful Wix website, and need a little help. Feel free to call me at 720.260.3541 or contact me online to get a free estimate for help designing and launching your Wix website design.

The Best Wix Designer – Best Customer Service:

I will spend lots of time with you over the phone (or in person if you're in Denver) to find out exactly what you need, and will spend quality time on your website to make sure all the pages are built correctly, are optimized for search engines (SEO), and works well on mobile and desktop computers alike. I don't cut corners, and I'm very reliable having had a successful Graphic Design and Website Design business for over 16 years. I work full-time so I'm always available to work on projects. My clients are always happy with my work, and they know they can rely on me to be available for help down the road should they ever have questions or further needs with their Wix website or design projects.

I also can custom design icons, graphics, and images to make your website stand out above the crowd! My Wix websites are unique and I never use templates straight out of the box – your website will stand out and will be one-of-a-kind (which is also good for SEO!).

Lastly, I will TRAIN you how to use your Wix website so you can edit it and keep it updated going forward. Of course, I'm also always available to help or answer questions or add new design features to your site.


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Reach out with questions or for a free design estimate:

As a website designer and graphic designer, I love sharing great tips and tools that make designing easier. As part of my website design services, I train clients on how to update their websites or to do their own SEO (search engine optimization), so I post many of these tips for my clients to train them how to use Wix and other tools to keep their website up-to-date. Keeping websites current is the best way to get found and to keep people coming back to your website. 

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