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Wix Image Downloader

Wondering how to find or download any image used on a Wix website? Whether you just want to use it again in a different place or perhaps you want to download or edit the image, here's how you can do it:

Using the Photo Studio in Wix to edit an image is an easy way to locate and download any image used on your Wix website. Watch the video above to see how this works.

Wix Image Downloader - use Wix's Photo Studio to edit and save images on your Wix website so that you can locate them in your Site Files

Wix Image Downloader: Use Wix's Photo Studio (shown above) to edit and save images on your Wix website so that you can locate them in your Site Files. The great thing about saving a new slightly edited version of your image is that now you can see the original file , since Wix saves a new file of any image you edit with the same filename with "_edited" at the end of the new filename. I hope that Wix developers will make it possible to view the existing image used in the editor soon, but until then, this is a handy workaround to locate and be able to download images used on a Wix website. Wix - Download site files:

While you can't download a Wix website as HTML to use on other servers – since it's a hosted platform the code would not just work on other third-party hosting servers without the Wix hosting platform backend – but you CAN download your image and logo files or copy text from your Wix website to put on another platform or use as desired. If you want to download the website's images, you can go into the Site Files in the Wix Media Library whenever you need to. You can also select multiple images in the Wix Site Files folder and click on the "Download" option on the right-hand side of the screen, see below:

Wix Media Manager: To figure out where an image you want to download from Wix is located, Wix doesn't make it easy to locate the existing image, and sometimes the image may not even be in your site files if it was an UnSplash or free Media from Wix, so view the above video that shows you how to edit a used image on any page so that you can then see the filename and download the edited image if desired. Wix Image Downloader App:

Although I have not used it so I can't claim that it works, there is a Chrome extension app called the "Wix Image Downloader" that allows you to download the image. There are also other Chrome apps such as the "Image Downloader" Chrome extension app that allow for downloading images from any website. However, if you have access to the Wix website, you can do the same thing in the Wix Site Files library and select and download all the images in the Site Files if desired, this would also include unused images on the Wix website that are not being currently used on the site but at some point were uploaded to the Site Files of the Wix website.

Of course, DO NOT download images from any Wix website or any website for that matter that you do not own or have permission to download or use. Many images are protected by copyright and cannot be used without permission.


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