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Wix Designer Tip: Chrome running slowly & fans running on your Mac?

I'm a Denver Wix Website Designer, and I've noticed that when using the Chrome browser, after 10 minutes or so of using the Wix editor, my computer seems to slow down and my iMac fans start kicking into overdrive. Editing in the Wix editor gets very slow and even typing seems to be delayed. I thought it was just because I was designing a lot of pages in Wix and I was making a lot of moves and maybe it was dragging down my computer.

But, upon some Google research, I read that many other Mac users were also experiencing this problem when using Chrome, regardless of whether they were working in Wix. So it's not Wix that is the problem, it's Chrome. Some say just use a different browser, but I like Chrome and would like to keep using it, so here are a few tips to speed it up and eliminate CPU-hogging fan-inducing drain on your Mac:

1. Open Chrome Preferences (in top left menu under Chrome) Turn off any Extensions that are not absolutely necessary. Delete any that you don't use or recognize.

2. In Preferences window, click on Settings > Scroll down ,click on Show Advanced settings...

Then simply close the Chrome://settings tab (Chrome opens the Settings in a tab) This seemed to help my Mac run a LOT faster when using Chrome for editing in Wix. I had a few other extensions that I deleted so that may have been causing it. Yay!