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Wix Designer Tip – Adding SEO Page Titles for Google & Social Media

To help your website show up well in Google and also in social media, it's very important to add SEO page titles and descriptions. As a Wix Website Designer, I often get new clients who come to me with existing Wix websites that do not have the page title or description meta tags setup so they show up poorly when searched in Google or if shared on Facebook.

Why are page titles so important? The website's page title shows up at the top of the browser window when visiting the website, and, more importantly, it shows up in the search engine results and in the post previews in Facebook, Google+ and other social media. So, if your Wix website is missing these important SEO tags, it will show up instead with a generic name (the short, no punctuation allowed Wix sitename applied when you first setup your site), and it will also show a generic image in the preview. See my examples below:

Wix Websites with SEO Title Tags vs No Title Tags

If you want to look professional and help with your website's SEO (search engine optimization), adding a proper Page Title and Description on your website is essential.

Below is a video to show you where to find your SEO Page Title settings:


Wix Websites on Social Media – The Facebook Share Image

Additionally, you will want to upload a Share image in your Social Setup in Wix so that you can control what image shows up in your Facebook and other social media posts when sharing a link to your website. To find this go to your Wix editor, and at the top menu select Site > Site Manager > Social. See my screenshots and video below to see quickly where this is found. Make sure to Publish once you've uploaded the image!

Wix Website Social Media Image for Facebook Sharing

Here's a video on where you can find the Social Media Facebook Share image in the Wix editor:

Last step:

If you upload a new image and you want to ask Facebook to re-scrape the page to get the new social image to appear, use this handy tool – sometimes it takes a few minutes or several "scrape agains" to get the new image to appear.


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