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Remove Gap on Wix Website

Unwanted gaps in Wix: Section won't resize? If you are having trouble with a Wix Section NOT resizing when you click and drag the height adjusting tool (see below), sometimes the only solution is to create a new section that doesn't have the stuck height bug. Sometimes elements like sections or strips are stubborn and won't resize, so here is a workaround solution in the video below:

By the way, to tab through elements use Wix Keyboard Shortcut: Command-M on Mac (Control-M on PC). Learn more about why tabbing through elements in Wix can help troubleshoot problems.

Here are some simple tips on how to delete space between strips in Wix.

When removing a gap in Wix websites, this handy Height Tool comes in handy!

It's frustrating when there is a giant gap on a Wix website and the "Delete space" option doesn't appear. Using the Height field in the toolbar to type in a height is an easy way to reduce the height of strips, sections or other objects quickly.

To Remove Gaps in Wix:

Make sure you have your Tools open (open them in the upper right of the Wix editor), and then find the W (width) and H (height) fields that you can type a number into to change the height of super tall strips, sections, images, etc.

Remove Gap on Wix Website

This also helps you adjust the page height in Wix as you can shorten sections, strips, or images easily using the Tool Height field to allow for the page height handle to be dragged up.

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