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How to add a Wix Blog List of Posts

Do you want to add a list of your blog posts to your Wix blog? The old Wix Blog had this built in, and it is a common feature on other blogs like Wordpress, so a lot of our clients ask us if they can add a list of posts to the sidebar of their Wix Blog. See the example below:

These types of lists of blog posts are called "Post List" and can be found in the Toolbar on the left of the page under: + Icon > Blog > Custom Feed > scroll down to Post List

You can adjust the settings to show different elements for the recent posts list including whether you display Author, Publish Date, Reading Time, Cover Image, Views counter, Comments Counter, Likes Counter, etc. Make sure to click on the various setting sections including Setttings, Display, Layout, and Design to see all the options (and scroll down in each window as more settings are below.) See screenshots: