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Editing Mobile Wix Websites: Tabbing through Wix Elements

As a Wix Designer, I like to train my clients on how to use the Wix editor. Here are some quick tips for editing your Wix mobile website, including how to find hidden elements in the mobile editor, how to resize and make space between elements, and how to use fast keys to tab through the various elements to find overlapping or missing elements.

To tab through elements in Wix:

Use Wix Keyboard Shortcut:

Command-M on Mac (Control-M on PC)

This will select items and as you continue to hit Command-M it will tab or "pan" through the various elements in your mobile or desktop layout in the Wix Editor. If you run into the selection box not appearing, this is a bug, and I recommend publishing your work, then quitting out of the Wix editor window and relaunching it to cure this and any other bugginess that you may encounter when editing in Wix.

Wix Editor Bugs

I do find that Wix starts acting up sometimes after selecting certain elements or copying and pasting objects from one page to the other, so if I run into this, I publish, close out of the editor browser window, and relaunch the editor. This usually fixes most editor bugs. I also use the most recent version of the Chrome browser, which seems to be the best (much better than Safari on Macs).

Happy Wixing!


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