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Drop Down Menus in Wix - Having issues?

Wix Page Menu Issues:

As a Wix Website Designer, I sometimes run into bugs in Wix, and so I share fixes for them here in this blog. I recently had a client that asked me to update some of the pages on his Wix website, and I was running into issues with not being able to reorder the pages in his menu, they were "stuck" as sub-sub-pages, which was odd as we did not use a sub-sub-menu! I couldn't figure out how to make them a Main Page again, and they wouldn't drag and drop into the structure I wanted. Frustrating!

I reached out to Wix support and they were able to help me figure out how to fix it – it seems the pages were "corrupted" in the menu structure, so the only way to fix them was to copy the pages and create new pages – this was a bit cumbersome, but DID fix the problem! Duplicating the pages didn't work, but using the "Copy" and "Paste" in the menu worked.

See the issue I was having in this video (this was before I was able to fix it), see the fix lower below:

Here are the copy and paste instructions from Wix for creating new pages to cure bugs on Wix pages:

Hello, Idelle,

Thank you for reaching out to Wix Customer Care about moving Reviews page from sub-sub page level. We greatly appreciate your patience as you awaited our reply.

My pleasure to assist. I completely understand that when something isn't working for you, it may be frustrating and challenging, since you give so much time and effort to make your site perfect. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

Upon checking the site, I can see that Reviews are under Services - Pollination - Reviews. With menu set as Horizontal menu, which has 2 levels:

This means that at some point the menu may have been set up differently, to allow 3 levels:

In order to resolve the issue, you may do the following:

1. Copy page 2. Create new one on the main level (For example, Review-1) 3. Paste the page to the new page 4. Remove the old one and rename the new one.

See screenshot to see where to Copy a Wix page:

And here's a video to better show how to copy and paste a page in Wix (rather than duplicate it which doesn't always solve bugs such as this):

To copy and paste a page:

  1. Click Menus & Pages on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Right-click the relevant page and click Copy.

  3. Open the Editor of the site you want to paste to.

  4. Paste the page by doing one of the following:

    • Right-click anywhere on the screen and select Paste.

    • Right-click anywhere on the screen and select Paste & Apply Site Theme to apply the color and text themes on the target site.

5. (In the Pages panel) Rename the new page:

  • Enter the new page name.

  • Click Done

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to paste the new page on the target site:

  • Paste: Ctrl+V or Cmd+V on a Mac.

  • Paste while applying the site's theme: Ctrl+Shift+V or Cmd+Shift+V on a Mac.

Or, as an alternative, you may restore the way the menu functioned previously (if you are aware of how it had been done).

Wishing You a Wonderful Day!

Kind regards,

Hanna | Wix Customer Care


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