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Disable Wix Phone Verification

Question: I currently take care of our business Wix site and I do this for the owner. When I sign on to our acount, it sends the Wix verification code to my phone number. Sometimes the owner works on it or has another person work on it at times I am not available so no one can get in because the code goes to my phone. Is there a way to add another number?

Answer: I don’t believe you can add another phone number for verification on Wix. But you have a few options to fix this Wix verification issue:  

Option One: You can “disable” the phone verification in your settings here, scroll down to see the verification area and look for a “disable” button:

Option Two: What you can also do is add another Collaborator to your Wix website, that way they can login through their own login. It is frustrating that Wix added the phone verification, as it makes it hard for more than one person to login. 

If the new Collaborator email login does not add phone verification to their account, it won’t be as hard to use that login for others as no phone verification will be needed to use that login. Unfortunately Wix prompts for it nearly every time you login, so it’s easy to set it up not realizing you don’t want it! ignore the prompts. 

See screenshot below, adding Collaborators for your Wix website is found under Settings > Roles & Permissions

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Happy Wixing!


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