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Blue Host - Domain Forwarding

I have a client who I designed a Wix website to replace their hacked Wordpress website, and they have as their domain registrar. We wanted to forward/point two of one of their domains to a subpage of their new main website (example:

Their domain forwarding (Blue Host calls it Redirects) is a bit hard to find, so I wrote this blog post for my future reference and to help others with finding it as well!

  1. Click on Hosting in the left hand menu of the Blue Host account dashboard.

  2. Then scroll down to find the Quick Links box on the lower right, and click on CPANEL.

  3. Then, in the CPanel, scroll down to the Domains section and click on Redirects. This is where you can add domain forwards to have a domain redirected to a different URL.

See images below for reference for what you're looking for.

Blue Host - Domain Forwarding
Blue Host - Domain Forwarding is called "Redirects" and is located in your hosting CPanel in the Blue Host backend.

NOTE: You DO need to have a Blue Host Hosting plan to setup domain forwarding. Blue Host does not currently offer domain forwarding with only domain registration. Other hosting/domain platforms such as GoDaddy include forwarding free as part of the domain registration cost, so that is one downside to having Blue Host as a domain registrar but not a hosting provider.

Wix Request: Directing Domains or Subdomains to Specific Pages on my Wix Site Also to note: We could transfer the domains from Blue Host to Wix, since they no longer are using the Blue Host Wordpress hosting for their site, HOWEVER, unfortunately Wix does not offer the ability to forward a domain to a subpage of a domain (example: - you can only point the domain to the main domain. I'm not sure why Wix doesn't offer this yet, but they do have it on their feature request list, so vote for it if you want the ability to forward/redirect domains registered at Wix to a subpage of a website. Vote here:

Happy Wixing!


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