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As a website designer, I've designed many websites for authors over the years. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Author Website Designer for Harry MacLean, a true crime author

New York Times Bestselling author Harry MacLean, who lives in my neighborhood in Denver, needed a new website to go along with the launch of his new true crime book, Starkweather. His original website was over 10 years old and was not mobile-friendly or up-to-date with his new book's info, so we worked together to design a dynamic new author website to promote his new true crime book release as well as his other best selling true crime books. The website features full width backgrounds that highlight artwork from his book covers and images, and includes a blog for posting new reviews, book signing events, and other news. View more of author website examples below:

Author Website Designer for true crime author Harry MacLean who wrote In Broad Daylight

Each book has it's own template that highlights artwork and reviews. The author website design template for each book's webpage is unique:

Author Website Designer for Harry MacLean, the true crime author of Once Upon a Time

Author websites should be easy to navigate and look good on phones, too. This author website design was created to look great across all devices, including mobile:

Author Website Design on Mobile

Another local Colorado author I've worked with is Sandra Dallas. She is also a New York Times Bestselling Author, having written 18 adult novels, five middle-grade novels, and 10 nonfiction books. They are great page-turning novels set in the Western US with strong women lead characters. One of her latest books, Little Souls, takes place during the 1918 flu epidemic, which is an interesting read given the recent COVID pandemic. This website design features all of her books as well as reading group guides and her ongoing newsletter that she sends out quarterly to her readers.

Author Website Designer for New York Times Bestselling Author Sandra Dallas

Of course, this author website design also was developed to work great on phones, since a big portion of her web traffic comes from mobile users:

Author Website Designer for New York Times Bestselling Author Sandra Dallas - Mobile Friendly websites are critical today!

If you are an author or work with an author who wants to work with a reliable website designer for their new author website, reach out for a free author website design estimate.


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