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Denver Website Designer Tip: Sitelinks

As a Denver website designer, I find that a lot of my clients ask about the links breakdown that shows up on some websites in Google, where it breaks out individual pages under the main link listing to make it easier for users to get straight to the page with the info they are looking for.

Google does this with websites when they think it will be more useful to the user. Sitelinks are an automated process done by Google, so there is no way to guarantee that they show up for your website, but there are a few ways to help get them created:

  • Add a Sitemap.xml file to the Google Search Console that lists all your pages

  • Use alt text behind images that is informative and unique to each pages' content

  • Use anchor text (linking text) to internal links on your website, such as portfolio, best wix websites, services or contact us

Here are examples of sitelinks:

Below is a Google listing below is from my website design client, the Mangy Moose, you can see how Google has broken out the pages for users to quickly find what they're looking for:

Wix Designer Tip – SEO - Sitelinks in Google example

Here's Googles' advice and explanation about sitelinks:

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