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Hiding Wix pages from Google

I occassionally have a client ask how they can "hide" a page from their website menu as well as in the Google results. In Wix, you setup a page to be "hidden" from the menu, but this alone will not also hide it from Google's search results. If you want a page to be hidden from Google (so Google doesn't link to the page in it's search results,) Wix has made it easy for this to be done, it just needs a second step beyond just hiding the page from the menu.

Here's how you can hide a page on your Wix website from Google search results (or any search engine, for that matter!):

  1. Click on your pages dropdown, click on the settings icon (three dots in circle) next to the page name. Then click on the "SEO" tab.

  2. In the SEO tab you will see a "Hide this page from search results" – click this to turn this feature on (checkmark in darker blue will indicate that it is set).

  3. Click on "Done" and then Publish your site.