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Editing Receipt page on Wix Shopping Cart

Do you want to change or customize the copy on your Payment page of your shopping cart on your Wix website? Here are easy instructions:

1. Go to a page with your store, click on the shopping cart box, and click on "Manage Store" 2. Click on the "Payment & Currency" tab in the Manage store window 3. Click on "customize your checkout page" link 4. You'll now see where you can edit the message body on your Payment page! See my screenshots below for reference:

If you are using for payments, and you want to add/edit text into the "Payment Details" box area, this is generated by the account (which is what processes the payments). To do this, you can go into using the login and instructions below:

Login to:

1. Click on Settings under Account on lower left sidemenu.

2. Click on "Payment Form"

3. Click on "Header"

4. Add copy as desired.

You can also edit the email receipt in the Settings area as well. See screenshots attached for reference! :)

See screenshots below from to show you where to find where to edit your payment details, as well as email receipt text: