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Wix Web Designer Tips


Expanding the page size in Wix

I just had a client ask me how to add more text to her page. This is a common question, with a simple answer, so I wanted to post a tip about it with a screenshot to show you just how to expand a page size in Wix, or simply enlarge a text box. 


1. Click on text box


2. Click and hold on the bottom icon that has a downward arrow, then while holding down, drag the box downward to enlarge the page.


You can then enter more text into this text box.


In Wix, you can also copy and paste text boxes if you want to have more flexibility in moving them around on the page.


Bonus Tip: If you drag an element downward on the page, it will also expand the page (make sure not to "add" it to the footer, unless the element is desired on every page.




Click on "Wix Tips" in the menu to expand sub-menu to see all the topics we've covered.

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