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Wix Web Designer Tips


Customizing a Wix Design Template

Wix offers a wide variety of Wix Website Design templates. Often, a client comes to me where they've picked a Wix template, but they're not really liking it much once they start to put their own content and photos into the template. Often times, Wix templates rely heavily on beautiful stock photos as the centerpeice, so as soon as a real photo is inserted, the whole look and feel changes. I can help you customize any Wix template with your business colors and photos, or even help choose stock photos that fit your business that will work well in the template. Keep in mind, that while Wix has templates, they are not set in stone. It is very easy to change the backgrounds, fonts, colors, slideshows and entire layout of any page at any time. Templates in Wix really aren't templates, they're simply starting points. Unlike Wordpress, Squarespace and other CMS's, where the "template" is pretty much set in stone without development help, Wix's templates can be changed head to toe in just minutes. 


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