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Wix Web Designer Tips


How can I add my main menu item into the dropdown menu in Wix?

Wix thankfully has added a new feature that allow you to disable the main link in your dropdown menu. Whenever dropdown menus exist, a common complaint is that people often do not click on the main link in the menu if there is a dropdown (so if the "About" page has three subpages, people ususally click on the subpages rather than the "About" in the menu, so they never see the main About page). 


Wix has added a "Menu Dropdown" under the Add > in the Page editor panel, see the screenshot for reference.


A "Menu Dropdown" is a non-clickable, top-level menu item. This feature can be used to group subpages together under a menu item that does not have a page of its own (that way, you don't miss users clicking on only the subpages in the dropdown menu).


To add a menu dropdown: From the left side of the Editor, click the Pages icon > at the bottom of the Pages window, click Add > click Menu DropDown.



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