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Wix Video

Wix just announced today (January 12, 2017) that they have added Wix Video to their platform! What does that mean? 

That means you can upload videos straight to your website – previously you could only add video backgrounds or embed YouTube and Vimeo videos so this is a game changer! Of course, to be a SEO Hero, it's good to keep posting on YouTube and Vimeo, but if you want to control the quality of the videos or store your videos on your website as well, you can now do this!

The Wix Video tool also lets you quickly add videos from other online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo . This Wix Video tool will allow you to control the quality of the video, organize your videos in your own website channels, and even charge for videos (uses Paypal for payments)! 


It looks like Wix offers upgraded plans for those who want to upload large video files such as those over 10 minutes, view the pricing below. 

I will update this page with more of my feedback and tips for the Wix Video editor, so stay tuned!

Here's an example of a direct-uploaded website using Wix Video (pardon the quality, I uploaded a low quality video):