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What’s the best way to save my website as a pdf? 

While there is no direct perfect method for creating a PDF from a website, you can get a nice clean JPG of each page. For the cleanest version of your site, you can get an image of each of your pages using the...

Some of my new online store website clients ask me:
"Why aren't people buying on my website?"

As a long-time website designer, this isn't an uncommon question. First thing to think about: people online are quite fickle, studies find 92-98% of consumers don’t make a...

I am a Wix Expert, having designed 100s of Wix websites over the years. My Wix Expert Costs vary, typically my Wix website design project rates range from $1500-$3000+ (includes 20-40+ hours) depending on the needs.

Wix Web Designer Cost:

The cost depends o...

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