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I just designed this beautiful website for a luxury travel agency, Bluetail Travel, who specializes in highly customized intimate cruises. This was a gorgeous website to work with, we sourced a lot of beautiful images and added lots of image accents throughout for a fu...

I love designing beautiful Wix websites for small businesses – the sites can be gorgeous, easy to use, and  be mobile-friendly. Above are a few examples of recent websites designed for some of my favorite clients. I love working with small businesses as I get to work d...

As a Wix SEO Expert, I think that Wix does remarkably well with SEO. In fact, both of my Wix-built websites are doing quite well at the top or near the top for a variety of search terms – such as "Wix Designer" or "SEO Hero" or "Infographic Designer." I get a ton...

I get this question a lot:
Do you work in Squarespace?

Well, yes, I have.

But do I like or recommend Squarespace? No. 

I'm not a huge fan of Squarespace because it's time consuming to change the design, and difficult for clients to understand how to edit. It reminds me...

I love it when my Wix-built website beats out for the search "Wix Designer" in Google. It fluxuates weekly and it is often below Wix at #4 or #5, but today it's beating Wix's own websites and is at #1 in the natural search results. Nice! 

As a Children's Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I like to keep resources on hand to recommend to clients who are looking for printers to print their book. A lot of people look at printers in China, but why waste all those resources in transportation and also in...

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