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Here is a quick tutorial on how to edit and send emails through the Wix ShoutOut Email Marketing system. I show you how to add links to your text, add buttons, and add blocks of content and select your email list to send out to.

You can access the Wix Email Marketing Sh...

Here is a quick Wix Training Tutorial to show a client how to edit his pages and galleries in Wix. This tutorial covers how to hide or show pages in the menu, and how to customize and view the page URL, as well as make edits to the gallery or text and a PayPal button. 

In this YouTube video I show you how to make adjustments to regular text in the Wix editor. There are great text tools such as leading and tracking* – Wix calls leading "Line Spacing" and it calls kerning "Letter Spacing" and those settings can be found in the Text Set...

Are you wondering why your new YouTube Video is Blurry and is 360p resolution? Especially when you know that you uploaded a high resolution version?

The answer is simple: Just wait.
Immediately after publishing, even though YouTube tells you the video is done processin...

Well, Google Plus isn't quite dead... yet. 

Google+ announced in October 2018 that it will be shutting down Google+ due to data breaches.  And, also most likely due to general lack of use.

However, Google+ is NOT DEAD YET!

Google says that it plans to turn off t...

As a Wix Designer, and SEO Hero, I get this question from other Wix designers:
"How do I install the old Wix Blog?"

If you are wondering how to install the better Old Wix Blog in Wix, see the screenshot below.
Open your Apps from the Apps icon on the left, then search...

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