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Wix just announced the release of 20 new fonts, see the above examples, giving their CMS a total of 96 fonts total to choose from. I am glad to see Futura and Futura Light. I'd like to see even more san serifed fonts, and the ability to embed our own Google Fonts if de...

2019 Update: These tools typically disappear, probably due to copywrite and other issues. So I have removed my suggestions below. Hopefully you can get the original video! It would be nice if YouTube/Google would allow for transfer of videos to different accounts, but...

I occassionally have a client ask how they can "hide" a page from their website menu as well as in the Google results.  In Wix, you setup a page to be "hidden" from the menu, but this alone will not also hide it from Google's search results. If you want a page to be hi...




I came across this post about user experience, and thought it was good to share. To summarize:


8 Things My Mom Taught Me About UX

1. Make your site’s goal clear

What is it you do? What do you want the user to do? Buy a product, get an estimate for a service?


2. Def...

I build a lot of websites on the Wix platform,  and it has come to my attention that the Wix websites are getting identified by the McAfee software as having Minimal Risk – so when users search on Google using Internet Explorer on their PCs, they see a small...

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