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As a website designer and graphic designer, I love sharing great tips and tools that make designing easier. As part of my website design services, I train clients on how to update their websites or to do their own SEO (search engine optimization), so I post many of these tips for my clients to train them how to use Wix and other tools to keep their website up-to-date. Keeping websites current is the best way to get found and to keep people coming back to your website. 

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Graphic Designer Tip: Adding Notes to PDFs

As a Graphic Designer, I often work with clients who have changes/feedback to PDFs of designed documents I sent them. Here is an easy way to add Sticky Notes and Highlight changes right in the PDF (no printing/faxing/scanning needed!). These Sticky Note PDF changes are nice as clients can type out pricing /text edits / etc so we can easily copy and paste edits as needed.

Google Business Listing – Don't click on the "Website" Tab!

This is a frustrating aspect of Google Business – if you click on the "Website" tab in the Google Business Dashboard (shown above), it automatically creates a new Google website for our business. Apparently according to Google's Chat support, you cannot delete this website once it's created. The only option is NOT to publish it once it has been created. Google Chat support said that the Google My Business website is not yet published. So this website will not be shown on Google... UNLESS it's published. Here is an example of a site created by Google Business when you click on the "Website" Tab: name-of-business.business.site Unfortunately, this is a big flaw in the Google Business dashb

Graphic Designer Tip: InDesign Find/Change Tip for Multiple Spaces or Returns

My amazing print production artist partner just discovered a feature of the Find/Change Tool in InDesign that will save us tons of time when formatting text provided by clients for annual reports, catalog design, and other projects. Under the Find/Change panel in InDesign, under "Query" you can select from a drop down of numerous common search and replace options that will do a ton of work with a click of a button. For example, you can do a Find/Change for Multiple Space to Single Space, or Remove Trailing Whitespace, change Multiple Return to Single Return and many more. Why we had not discovered this sooner is beyond me, we have been working in the graphic design field for over 16 years!

New Wix Blog – Fixing missing Blog Feeds

As a long-time Wix Designer, I have some clients who have started to convert their Old Wix Blogs to the New Wix Blog, and are running into issues. If you have recently converted from the Old Wix Blog to the New Wix Blog on your Wix website, you may find that if you have any blog elements, such as recent post feeds or text links, they will "disappear" from the pages. Below I show you how to add blog elements back into your Wix website pages so you can display recent posts on any page beyond your main blog pages. Below is a second part to my tutorial on adding New Wix Blog Elements to your Wix website pages – this shows how to edit the mobile layout as well to make sure everything is in the ri

How to Block Repeated Spam Commentators in the New Wix Blog

If you get repeat spam comments on your New Wix Blog, you can Block the commentator from posting any more comments in the Wix Dashboard under Site Members. Just click on the three dots icon next to the repeat offenders name and choose "Block Member". This will prevent them from commenting again (at least, under the same email, they can always setup a new login and comment again. If you are finding that your blog posts are getting tons of spam comments, you can also turn off commenting. Here's how: Turn on/off Commenting on Individual Wix Blog Posts: Click the blog in the Wix Editor. Click Manage Posts (found under New Blog icon) Click the Show More icon on a post. Click Turn off Comm

Wix Web Designer Tip: Changing Wix Page Menu Titles from All Caps to Title Case or Lowercase

Here is how you can change the page titles that show up in the menu on your Wix Website. I have run into the issue of renaming a page name with a simple Case change not "saving" when I changed a page name. By this I mean I am renaming the page with the exact same name, but changing to All Caps, Title Case, or Lowercase. Sometimes I found that it doesn't always save my Case-only change, and it would still show the all caps or lowercase version of the page name in the menu, even though I changed it multiple times. So here's a simple solution to get around it – just name the page name with something different, such as add a space, then rename it again with the proper title. This will get it

Non-Profit Website for Puerto Rico Farmers

We're excited to announce the launch of a website for a nonprofit that we volunteered time with to help them get their website design working as desired. Check them out, a worthy cause to help farmers down in Puerto Rico: palomadelcarmenfund.org Here's what they are about: Sisters Sofia Westmeyer and Astrid Piccolo founded the Paloma del Carmen Fund in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the deadliest natural disaster in the United States in a century. On September 20, 2017, the hurricane plunged the sister's beloved Puerto Rico into a humanitarian and environmental crisis its people, businesses, and public institutions will be grappling with for decades to come. As natives of Puerto R

Catalog Designer – Best Catalog Printer

As Graphic Designers and Catalog Designers, we design a lot of Catalogs for our clients such as seed companies, tree nurseries, and gardening product websites. For professional, beautiful catalogs, we love using Printing Center USA. While their website may be a little dated looking, don't let that stop you from using their services as their printing is amazing! Their 80# gloss text for catalogs is bright and colors and photos look gorgeous! We recently designed and printed the new 28 page catalog for Sandia Seed with Printing Center USA and they did an amazing job – the catalogs are beautiful. They also have very reasonable pricing, check it out here: www.printingcenterusa.com/printing/cat

Wix Designer Tips: Editing new Wix Blog

Here are my Wix Web Designer tips on how to edit the new Wix Blog, changing fonts, rollover colors, button colors, and shrinking up the space at the top of the blog by removing the Blog Menu.

Wix Designer Tip: Where to turn Commenting on or off in Wix Blog

As a Wix Web Designer, I get a lot of questions about how to adjust Wix websites including the blog pages. Here are two tutorials on how to turn on and off commenting in the Wix blog. Where to turn Commenting on or off in Wix Blog: First, check out this video to show you where to turn the comments on or off in Wix Blog. Go to an individual post, click on: Settings > Display (make sure to scroll down) > Recent posts and Comments, then switch Commenting OFF. Display Comments on Certain Blog Posts: If you want to display commenting on SOME posts, then you can turn Commenting On (see above), and then go to each post individually to turn the comments on or off per post using the settings found

Add Links to Wix Website Text without Underlines

As a Wix Designer, I get a lot of questions from clients on how to do things in Wix. I just had a client ask this question today: "How do I link text without it being underlined hypertext?" Simple, just link the text desired, and then turn the Underline off. In the video above I show my quick tips on how you can add links to text without underlines, as well as how to create an invisible button to link an entire area. Happy Wixing!

Catalog Designer for Tree Nursery

We were tickled green to get a new catalog design client: Barton Nurseries in New Jersey. We're just now starting to design the catalog featuring all of their trees and shrubs that they grow and import from around the country. These are just preliminary design concepts, but thought we'd share the good news! This 78+ page catalog will be packed with beautiful trees to grow in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We will be creating a digital catalog in PDF format, as well as a print-ready file to be printed by a local printer. As experienced catalog designers, we specialize in catalog design and print production to make sure each catalog we design looks it's best both online and in print. View

Wix Designer Tips for Mobile Editing

As a Wix Designer, I often train clients on how to edit their Wix websites after we've launched their website. Here are my top tips for editing in the mobile Wix editor, which answers some of my clients top questions. The way the Wix Mobile Editor works is that you can edit the mobile view separately, it uses all the same elements from the desktop, but you can reorder them, resize them, or hide elements to make it look nicer on mobile. This is even better than "responsive" templates as you have full control over where the elements in mobile are placed, how large they are, the order of your content, and you can even hide any content to help simplify the mobile view better for your audience. Y

Wix Stores Shipping Options, explained

As a Wix Web Designer, I have a lot of clients using Wix Stores for their online stores. Beyond setting up products and the store pages, one of the main things that has to be setup as part of the online store is shipping. Wix Stores offers various Shipping options to choose from, including: Rate by Weight: lets you setup weight for your products, and then charge a flat rate based on the total weight of the calculated order. You can setup various weights and pricing so that heavier items have higher shipping costs. Free Shipping: allows you to offer free shipping across the board for all products. Flat Rate Shipping: allows you to setup various flat rates that can be applied to products, see

Air Pollution Infographic

As a Graphic Designer, I design infographics for my clients including many environmental organizations and businesses. I also volunteer a lot of my time to non-profit organizations to help them help spread awareness of what they're doing. I think one of the best ways to communicate messages and information is through infographic design. People don't like to read long text, they want to see images and small blurbs of text that quickly communicate. In my free time, I also work on projects to help spread good messages about how we can all make a difference. As I ride my bike for most of my commuting (going to the store, library, workout classes, etc), I often find myself passing by schools in

Shipstation and Wix - Orders Not Showing Up? Here's the Fix.

I have a client that we have setup with Wix Stores. We had connected ShipStation to the Wix Store, however, the orders were not showing up on the ShipStation end automatically (the screen was showing No Orders). We thought maybe there was something wrong as Shipstation showed the Wix account connected, but the Orders page said "You have no orders Awaiting Shipment." So I reached out and chatted with Shipstation chat support, and they said to click on the “Reload” link on the order page – so I clicked on the reload link at the top of the page. Then the orders showed up! Apparently Shipstation is not set to auto-reload by default. Their chat support rep walked me through how to change the se

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