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As a website designer and graphic designer, I love sharing great tips and tools that make designing easier. As part of my website design services, I train clients on how to update their websites or to do their own SEO (search engine optimization), so I post many of these tips for my clients to train them how to use Wix and other tools to keep their website up-to-date. Keeping websites current is the best way to get found and to keep people coming back to your website. 

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Garden Illustration: Fun Garden Signs

I love to draw in pen and ink and dabble a lot of illustrations in my free time off the computer. Here are some illustrations of garden signs that I am using as inspiration for making ceramic clay signs for the garden. View more of my illustration work » Here are a few more:

Top Wix Designer

January 28, 2019: Neat, I just noticed that today this website, picklewix.com, is number one on Google for "Wix Designer" searches. That means it's even ranked higher than wix.com themselves for this term. This has happened before a few times, but as Google rankings do, it fluctuates daily – usually I'm just below Wix around #4-#6 in rankings. But my recent posting of Wix tutorials and other tips must have moved me to the top. As a Wix SEO Hero, I love building useful, engaging and in-depth websites that rank well on Google because they're built honestly with content designed for the customers. It's not about tricking Google, it's about providing in-depth information and images on the topi

Wix Designer Tip: Aligning Images in Old Wix Blog

As a Wix Designer, I get this common question about how to align images in the blog from my clients. Here is how you can resize and align photos to the left or the right in the Old Wix Blog. Here is a much more in-depth look at how to make blog posts from your Wix ShoutOut email marketing blasts. This tutorial is also packed with other tips and tricks to make blogging easy in the old Wix blog:

Wix Designer Tip: Linking Text on Wix Pages and in Wix Blog Posts

A quick tutorial on how to link text on Wix webpages as well as in the Wix Blog (note this is the old Wix blog, the new blog doesn't have a page linking option, you simply paste the URL desired to link to). I like the old Wix blog better as it gives you internal page linking options and has some other features that are missing in the new Blog. To link text, simply highlight text, and then use the Link icon (looks like a chain link), and paste the URL or choose the page to link to. Easy, peasy!

Wix SEO – Pro Package

Looking for Wix SEO help? A Wix SEO Pro Package package may be just the thing for you to help get your website found. My complete SEO Pro Packages range from $1000-$1500+ depending on number of pages and terms to optimize. The package includes research of keywords and phrases to find out what people are searching for, then I provide detailed recommendations documentation, and then I will work to Optimize your Wix website with the keywords and meta tags that I recommend. I can also build and optimize blog if needed, write blog posts, and/or create pages for specific keyword phrases, and then I will consult you and give you an idea hit-list for writing new blog articles or page content going

Children’s Book Illustrator for Gardening Books

I love working as a Childrens Book Illustrator, especially for gardening or outdoor topics. I am working on a self-written children's book currently about organic vegetable gardening, composting, and soil creatures. It's just starting to take shape, some of the garden illustrations below are sketches for the book. Stay tuned for more updates on my book soon! I'm taking a book binding class with my sister so that will be fun, I'd love to create self-published books that are put together by hand. Maybe custom, one-of-a-kind coloring books about different gardening subjects. :) View a sampling of my illustrations below, you can also visit my Illustration page for more of my work. Zucchini Wate

SEO Hero for Colorado Hot Sauce Company!

I am proud to be the SEO Hero another Colorado company. I just started working with the best Colorado Hot Sauce company, Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce. They make six amazing chef-created hot sauces that complement food rather than overwhelm it. They hired me for my SEO Package – which includes the initial keyword research to help them identify a huge list of keyword terms that they want to be found for (for example: Colorado Hot Sauce, Hot Sauce Gift Sets, Healthy Hot Sauce, etc). We are in the middle of the keyword research phase now, where we are building out a comprehensive list of keyword terms and also identifying how to optimize each of their webpages with the best keywords and meta

Garden Illustration: Vegetable Gardens turn Ordinary People Into Chefs

Check out my latest Garden Illustration, called "Vegetable Gardens turn Ordinary People Into Chefs" Wouldn't you agree? When you grow food, you always have an abundance of fruit and vegetables that encourage you to learn how to make all sorts of delicious things with them. For example, since I've started growing vegetables in my garden, I've learned how to make all sorts of new recipes, plus I've learned how to preserve the harvest via canning and dehydrating. I can't wait to learn more this year! See my second illustration version below, in pen and ink. - Idelle Fisher, Designer & Illustrator by Weekday, and Gardener by nights and weekends! View more of my illustrations »

Wix Designer Updates & Releases

As a Wix Pro Designer, I get notifications on Wix updates and releases. While Wix is a great platform, there is always room for improvement! The Wix Wizards are always adding new features weekly. If you ever want to know what they've recently added, check out their Wix Releases page below for all their updates on what magic they've spun into the Wix editor: www.wix.com/release/notes/ Thanks, Wix Wizards, for all that you do! The platform is amazing, and I love that you listen to us Wix Pros to keep making it even better everyday. Keep up the good work!

Graphic Designer Tip: Bluetooth Not Available on Mac

I keep having my Bluetooth icon on my map get "disabled" As a Graphic Designer and Website Designer using a Mac, I have encountered this problem multiple times on my newer iMac: when I click on my Bluetooth icon in my Mac's main menu (top right), it is greyed out and says "Bluetooth Not Available" when I click on it. It won't let me turn it on or off or do anything with it. I tried some various troubleshooting techniques I foudn by Googling "Bluetooth Not Available on Mac" but none of them worked (such as deleting my Preferences plist Bluetooth file, restarting). So I called Apple at 800-692-7753 and their tech support provided the answer: Unplug all your USB items, and restart computer. Th

Wix Email Marketing – Wix Designer Tips

Here's where you can find the Email Marketing system on Wix (used to be called Wix ShoutOut, but I don't see that branding anymore). I had a website design client ask where the Email Marketing system was as Wix changed the interface, so here's a quick video tip on how to find and send emails through Wix. First, login to Wix.com Then, make sure you see Dashboard in upper left, then look down the menu on the left for "Marketing Tools" - click on it Then Click on "Email Marketing" Now you will be in the Wix Email Marketing system (also known as Wix ShoutOut). Here you can reuse existing campaigns (and edit them to be new) or create new ones from scratch.

Adobe Phone Support

As a long-time Graphic Designer and Website Designer, I've been using Adobe products for over 15 years. They currently make it hard to find their phone number on their site, you have to jump through several hoops on their support page just to get to the phone number. So, I've added it here for easy reference so I don't have to jump through the website hoops to find it. :) Happy designing! Adobe Phone Support: 800-833-6687

Salesforce Forms on Wix

As a Wix Designer, I find that many of my clients have form needs to tie into their existing systems, such as Salesforce. But, if you want to put a Salesforce Form on Wix, you may have noticed that they look ugly if used right out of the box. To enhance their look, use CSS styles to beautify the fields and colors. Plus, as you have to link to a Thank you page upon form submission, I find that this is a frequent problem with third-party embedded forms on Wix websites—the form will reload the thank you page into the Wix HTML iframe instead of the mother page. This is ugly as it loads the entire webpage into the iframe so it will show the menu/header/etc duplicatd. Not ideal. Did you know there

Happy New Year!

I dabble in doodling – here's a quick comic for the new year! :)

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