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As a website designer and graphic designer, I love sharing great tips and tools that make designing easier. As part of my website design services, I train clients on how to update their websites or to do their own SEO (search engine optimization), so I post many of these tips for my clients to train them how to use Wix and other tools to keep their website up-to-date. Keeping websites current is the best way to get found and to keep people coming back to your website. 

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Adobe Illustrator – Can't move objects small distances

I just ran into this object snapping problem again with Adobe Illustrator, where my object was snapping to a different position when I was trying to it a short distance to line up with another shape. I had found the solution to this in the past, but couldn't remember where to find it, so now that I figured it out again I wanted to share this with all my fellow designers, watch the video or read the details below – this snapping is caused by the "Align to Pixel Grid" setting in the Transform panel: If you use Adobe Illustrator like I do for logo design, infographic design and other graphic design – you may have run into this annoying issue of Illustrator "snapping" your objects to an undesire

Wix Answers – Wix Customer Support

Wix Answers supports Wix Designers like us – make sure to check this website out, it encompasses a Knowledge Base, Ticketing System, a Help Widget, and Actionable Insights. Check it out at: www.wixanswers.com Check out the The WixAnswers.com Interface below:

Wix Code Expert Developer

Wix Code is changing the game with Wix, as it allows us to fully customize and build nearly ANYTHING on the Wix platform. If you're looking for a Wix Code expert who can develop custom features using Wix Code on your Wix website, we can help! Whether you need custom forms, or third-party API integration, custom searches, or dynamic content, we can help you create a Wix website that serves all of your business needs. We offer complete Wix Website Design and Wix Code Development services. Call Idelle at 720.260.3541 if you have any questions or would like to get a free estimate for your business website needs. We also offer logo design, infographic design and other graphic design services, so

Wix Keyboard Shortcuts

Looking for Wix Keyboard Shortcuts? Here you go! Ctrl + C (Command C on Mac): Copy Ctrl + V (Command V): Paste Ctrl + M (Command M): Browse between your elements. Ctrl + J (Command J): Switch between mobile & desktop view. Ctrl + D (Command D): Duplicate. Ctrl + P (Command P): Preview your site. Ctrl + S (Command S): Save your site. ​Let me know if you have any others to add! Below are some other general Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts that I use all the time: Here are seven other great hidden Wix hacks »

Wix Code

Wix Code. This changes everything! While it's only in Beta currently, us beta users can have a crack at it now. Read more about my take on Wix Code » Here a quick video on where to find the Wix Code tools: (Note: you will ONLY see this option if you're in in the approved Beta group) Here are quick directions: Apply for Wix Code Beta » Once you get the approval email, click on "Start Now" from the Beta approval email Choose the Wix website you want to use it on Then, in the editor, Click on "Tools" at the top Check on "Developer Tools" Happy coding! This is a game-changer for Wix, I'm so excited to see all that it can do. I wonder how long it will be in beta, and when it be released for ever

Wix Announces Wix Code

Today WixLive had a live video aired to make some new announcements on July 27, 2017 via: www.ustream.tv/wixlive. You can watch the video again on Facebook here » But if you're short on time, here's my overview of what they discussed: Wix CEO and CO-FOUNDER Avishai Abrahami with MC James Veitch talk about Wix's latest innovation – WIX CODE – "Creation Without Limits." It seems that Wix has heard the web design and developer community's gripes about the limitations of Wix, and has announced WIX CODE – a revolutionary change for Wix which allows for custom code to be used and integrated on Wix websites. They kind of blew my mind – this is developer-heavy stuff, and requires coding knowledge t

Wix Designer Tip – Adding SEO Page Titles for Google & Social Media

To help your website show up well in Google and also in social media, it's very important to add SEO page titles and descriptions. As a Wix Website Designer, I often get new clients who come to me with existing Wix websites that do not have the page title or description meta tags setup so they show up poorly when searched in Google or if shared on Facebook. Why are page titles so important? The website's page title shows up at the top of the browser window when visiting the website, and, more importantly, it shows up in the search engine results and in the post previews in Facebook, Google+ and other social media. So, if your Wix website is missing these important SEO tags, it will show up i

Wix Pro Designer Cost

If you're looking for the Wix Pro Designer cost, I'm happy to give you a free estimate on your Wix website design needs. My website design rates range from $1000-$3000+ depending on the needs. If you just need some help with modifying an already existing template to make it better, I can also help with that too! I also often develop custom forms for Wix websites, and add other features like blogs, email newsletter signups, calendars and other functionalities for my clients. To find out what a Wix Pro Designer costs, contact me today for a free Wix Website Design Estimate »

Microsite Design

As a Denver Website Designer, Microsite Design is one of my specialities. If you are looking for a microsite design for your business or school, I'd be happy to give you a free estimate. A microsite is, more or less, a website – but it can live at a subdomain on your website, like fundraising.yoursite.com, or at it's own domain. Below is a microsite that I designed for Colorado School of Mines, for their fundraising campaign. The website design included animation, video backgrounds, embedded YouTube video throughout on all the story pages, photo galleries and more. This is a pretty in-depth website, so make sure to check out all the subpages and stories in each section, lots to see! www.camp

Florist Website Designer

As a Denver Website Designer by day and gardener by night and weekends, I LOVE working on anything gardening related, so designing websites for florists is right up my alley! I recently designed this website for a local Denver florist, Sweet Pea Flowers. Lisa and Lizzie are truly sweet, and are incredible floral artists! If you're looking for a Denver wedding florist or Denver flower delivery, these are your girls! The website design included logo design, Search Engine Optimization, and blogging. I hope to design many more florist websites to come! Here are some additional screenshots from the website design:

"Selected Images" in Wix Website Design Editor

Attention Wix Wizards! Here's one of my huge requests for Wix to help all of us save time in the Wix editor – it would be super helpful if when changing an image, such as in a gallery or strip, Wix would show you the currently selected image in the Media library popup window. Often times, I want to locate the existing image to either edit it or optimize the image, and it's very hard to locate these images in the media libraries to download or edit them. I always have to manually scroll through all the folders, and oftentimes, I have a hard time locating the original file that is selected. A simple solution would be to have the Media library window show users the currently selected image so t

Good Tools for Website Designers

As a Denver Website Designer and Graphic Designer, I love finding new tools that help me to design, here are a few new ones I've recently discovered: Colorzilla Chrome Extension This tool allows you to see the hex color (#F7F7F7) of anything and copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting into Photoshop, the Wix editor, Wordpress editor, etc. pizap.com Free online photo editor, I recommend this to clients who want to dabble in photo editing. Another good photo/design browser-based tool is Canva.com vectorstock.com This is one of my favorite tools that I've used for years. A great inexpensive place to get vector stock art that can be easily manipulated in Adobe Illustrator. I love using the

Wix UI Designer

I am a Wix UI Designer based in Denver, Colorado. I have been designing websites for over 15 years, and while I work on many other platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify, I really love the Wix platform – the Wix editor is wonderful to design in with complete control over the design, and has lots of great features like customizable menus, slideshows, animation, and video. I also love that Wix has a mobile-page editor that allows the full customization of the mobile-viewing experience, which allows for hiding elements and resizing or reflowing the content to have a great user interface that makes it easy for mobile viewers to find what they need quickly. When designing for Wix (and all websit

Wix Websites – Where is my page content when I view the source HTML?

Wix uses Ajax, so the meta description and other page content is viewed by search engines like Google via the escape fragment of the page. To see this content, you have to enter: /?_escaped_fragment_= after your domain in the URL field of the browser. Here is an example: https://www.wix-seo-expert.com/?_escaped_fragment_= This displays all the page's actual content. Google and other search engines read this fine with no problems, so you don't need to worry about SEO. See below screenshot to see what I'm referring to – you can see that if I just look at the source HTML code of the page, it doesn't match or show my actual SEO meta tags or page content in the main HTML source code. This

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