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As a website designer and graphic designer, I love sharing great tips and tools that make designing easier. As part of my website design services, I train clients on how to update their websites or to do their own SEO (search engine optimization), so I post many of these tips for my clients to train them how to use Wix and other tools to keep their website up-to-date. Keeping websites current is the best way to get found and to keep people coming back to your website. 

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Image Rollover Effect in Wix

Outside of the Hoverbox beta or Rollover app, it IS possible to setup images in Wix that have a transparent rollover color to indicate that they are linked or open larger. To add an image rollover effect to ANY image in Wix, just follow these easy steps: Simply add an image to your Wix page in the editor Click on the image to see the image menu icon options, and click on the Design paintbrush icon In the Image Frame Design box, click on "Customize Design" at bottom Choose the second layout example in this panel (the one with the cursor over it), this will give your image a rollover hover color – once you choose this design, you can then choose the color and transparency level in the Hover st

Cool Wix Websites

Are you looking for cool wix websites? I am a Denver Web Designer and I design many websites in Wix for my clients as it is such a great website editor CMS platform. Wix is easy to use, and more secure with less maintenance than Wordpress or other platforms. Here are some of my recent Wix website designs, below. For more inspiration, view my full Wix Web Design portfolio »

Sizing Images in Wix – Consistency, Alignment and Cropping

As a Wix Designer, I design Wix websites for clients and then train them on how to edit their websites going forward, such as adding pages, images, etc. One of the common questions I get is how to resize and make images consistent. In this video I share my quick tips on sizing images in Wix to be the same size as other images, to align them to other objects/images, and how to reset the proportions of a resized image so that it is "reset" to be uncropped and shows the full image. I often have Wix website design clients ask me how to fix their images as once they dropped them onto their Wix page, here are my quick tips on how to quickly size your images, reset their proportions (to remove the

Seed Packet Design

As a Denver Graphic Designer & Website Designer by weekday, I am also an avid gardener in my free time – which means I love to design seed packets! I recently had the pleasure to work on Sandia Seed's seed packets – I also work with them on their Shopify website design for sandiaseed.com. Seed Packet Design Dielines Seed Packet Design involves making sure to design the packets to fit in as much seed and growing information while also showing off the plants and vegetables. For the best designs and use of space, it is important to design to the seed packet dieline – we specialize in working with printers to get the seed packets just right so that they print successfully and are legible and use

Free Video Creation Tool

Lumen5 is a FREE amazing video creation tool that makes videos out of blog posts or content right in your browser, no software download required! It's easy to add and upload your own images and add and edit the copy to your liking. You simply add a link of any content page like a blog post, and it starts to gather images and the text and walks you through getting a video created in literally just minutes. It doesn't look like there is a lot of font choices or control over the size of the font, but this does let you create quick videos for posting that look pretty amazing! P.S. It looks like Lumen5 is in "beta" so it may not be free for long. Make sure to create your videos and download the

Denver Website Design for a Garden Nursery

I wanted to announce the launch of my latest & favorite website designed to date: www.andersonslacostanursery.com This gorgeous Garden Nursery sadly isn't in Denver so I can visit regularly (they used to be in Colorado!) – Anderson's La Costa Nursery is located in Encinitas, California. I loved designing this beautiful website, complete with custom illustrations of mine. As part of my services I also included SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so they can be found, custom photo galleries that they can add to over time, a custom gift certificate purchasing form, and so much more. Mariah, the client, LOVES the editing platform as it's super easy for her to update the website, finding it simple t

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