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April 27, 2017


I am a Denver based Web Designer specializing in SEO – I build websites that will be found! 


First, I research keywords to figure out what people are searching for that you want your business or website to be found for.


I will identify and recommend the best keywords that are being highly searched, and also give you recommendations of more niche keyword phrases that people are searching so you can get even more specific with what you want to be found for. Think about the word: "Website Designer" – lots of people search for that, but, they're also searching for lots of other terms:


website designer – 74,000 searches monthly

website designers – 74,000 

ecommerce web design – 8,100

ecommerce website design – 8,100

web design portfolio – 3,600 

website designer near me – 1,900 

website designers near me – 1,900 

ecommerce website design company – 1,600 

denver website design – 1,600

website designer resume – 1,300 

denver web designer – 260

seo website design – 1,300

seo website designer – 140

seo web designer – 110


Below is a quick example of a report I will provide you with to help us determine what keywords would be best for what you want to be found for. Sometimes, what you think people are searching for is actually different than the things they actually are searching for – we will identify the best, most specific keyword phrases with the highest number of searches to help your website SEO be the best it can be. 

So, in the above example, while "Website Designer" is very highly searched, it's also a very competitive keyword phrase and it would be hard to get to the very top for that as you're competing with thousands of sites across the world for that term (it can be done, but would take many years and TONS of new content to get there). So, I would instead focus some of my page content on some of these more specific terms, such as "Denver Website Design" which would get my website in front of 1,600 local searchers, or "Denver Web Designer" for 260 monthly local searchers. Getting local searchers is a great way to get local business! I could also focus content on pages for more highly searched specific terms such as "Ecommerce Web Design" with 8,000 searches. Or, I could build landing pages for "Find a Website Designer" or "Website Designers for Hire", etc. You can build LOTs of pages and optimize the pages for each of these terms, providing useful information to your potential customers while also bringing them into your site for these more specific searches.  In fact, continuing to add useful, original content on topics like these on an ongoing basis will help your website rise to the top of searches as Google and all search engines love seeing lots of relevant new unique information for the keywords people are searching for! 


With my SEO Consultation Packages, I work with clients like you to identify the best keywords that are highly searched for what they want to be found for. Then, I recommend and even build out your website pages with the proper SEO meta tags, title tags, alt image tags and can assist with well-written unique content that will get your business found for the very keywords you want to be found for. Unlike a lot of SEO companies, who simply "consult" you on what to change on your website, and charge you a monthly fee, I will actually do the work for you, optimizing all your pages and content with the well-researched keywords determined in my research process. Then, I will consult with you and make recommendations on how you can continue to build new content on your website over time, which is essential for SEO. I also provide ongoing SEO content and design for busineses as desired if you don't have time to do it yourself. I am your SEO Hero


As a Website Designer, I also custom design and build out websites such as online stores, portfolios, informational/brochure websites, email newsletters, and micro-sites.  A huge bonus is that I can also build the SEO into every page as I develop them, including page titles, meta tags, alt image tags, etc. So you'll know that your website is build correctly right out of the gate! I also offer logo design, business card design, brochure design,  infographic design, and any other graphic design services you may need for your business. 


Feel free to call me at 720.260.3541 to discuss your needs, and I can give you a free estimate and my recommendations. 

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