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July 26, 2017

Wix Code. This changes everything! While it's only in Beta currently, us beta users can have a crack at it now. Read more about my take on Wix Code »


Here a quick video on where to find the Wix Code tools:
(Note: you will ONLY see this option if you're in in the approved Beta group)



Here are quick directions:


  1. Apply for Wix Code Beta »

  2. Once you get the approval email, click on "Start Now" from the Beta approval email

  3. Choose the Wix website you want to use it on

  4. Then, in the editor, Click on "Tools" at the top

  5. Check on "Developer Tools"


Happy coding! This is a game-changer for Wix, I'm so excited to see all that it can do.


I wonder how long it will be in beta, and when it be released for everyone to use. No longer will we have to say "this isn't possible in Wix." YES!!!




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