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November 12, 2019



How do you know if you're working with the Best Wix Designer?

Best Wix Designer Traits:

  1. Design the website to your liking, making edits until you're happy with the design

  2. Makes great suggestions on how to improve the user experience and guide visitors to the information or products you want them to see

  3. Who builds in SEO (search engine optimization) into your website: An experienced Wix Designer will know how to optimize your website to be found in search engines. Afterall, no matter how beautiful  your site, if you can't find it on Google or Bing, then who's going to see it? Adding well-written meta title tags, descriptions with researched well-searched keyword search terms is essential to getting found for what you want to be found for. Learn more about Wix SEO »

  4. Is Experienced with Wix: Wix has a lot of in-depth features for building the best, fastest loading, SEO optimized websites. Working with a Wix Designer who is an expert with the platform will help your Wix website be the best it can be.

We offer all of the above! There are a lot of great Wix Website Designers out there, so whomever you choose to go with, make sure they meet the above criteria so you know you're getting the best Wix website designed for your business or organization.


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