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September 16, 2015

April 2017 Update:
The Wix phone support line doesn't appear to be taking phone calls, but you can schedule quick call-backs from them here – choose a topic, and get to step 3 to get the Submit a Ticket or Schedule a Call-Back options:




Original post:
You can call Wix support at 1-800-600-0949 to get any question answered, the hold time lately for me has been just a few minutes, and when you get through, you get a competent english-speaking person who is happy to help with the problem. I called in this morning as I accidentally sent out a Shout Out newsletter without choosing a list, so it went out to 0 people, and I used up the last of my five emails included in my plan. So I called them and they said they could help me with this one-time and reset my quota so I could send out another newsletter. They of course advised that next time I doublecheck to make sure I pick a list before hitting send! But I was grateful to have their quick help.


While their phone number is buried on their site, it is a worthy one to jot down and keep if you have a Wix website, as they can often help fix or troubleshoot any problems you are having with a Wix website design.






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